Growing Aviation Industry with Figures Supporting The Facts

The aviation industry is increasing both in India as well as internationally because trade is getting global. People have to travel abroad as well as within the country for business dealings or for their jobs. India itself is mushrooming and soon it’s going to be 3rd largest aviation market in the world. We already have several big and small airports across the country but 42 airports are still under construction. Instead of having a single airport in each state, the government is planning to have at least 4-5 airports in every state to support global trade.

India: 3rd largest aviation market in the world

If we talk internationally, statistics say that there has been a 14% increase in air passengers visited every year and it is going to rise as airfares are getting more pocket-friendly. Apart from this, cargo shipment has been observed a surge from 1% to 20%. There are 416 airports under construction worldwide. As soon as all these airports get ready, the demand for aviation professionals is going to rise in the near future. The United States already has 17000 functional airports. So, choosing aviation as a profession is definitely going to pay you and fulfill all your dreams.

Aviation: Key statistics

Aviation professionals look appealing to everyone. People considered it a premium profession as they know that the aviation jobs are tough but the salary package of the professionals is simply outstanding. That’s the reason why youth in our country once try their hands in Aviation jobs. But getting jobs in the aviation industry is not that easy as they pick the best ones out of herds of professionals.

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