Future of aviation professionals is bright and financially safe!

Aviation has a bright future and its foundation has been laid. Indian Government has passed the budget to construct 250 new airports, which will bring in more job vacancies in aviation sector. This boost in numbers is not limited to India. Increase in air transportation from 1% to 20% shows that businesses are getting global.

Several Factors That Show Boom In Jobs In Aviation Sector

Aviation Industry was expected to be one of the most costly industries where you had to spend high for travelling. This mode of travelling was limited to only higher sections of the society. Apart from this, people working in aviation sectors have handsome salary packages as well. They had to do expensive studies to become airline professionals.

Trends have changes a lot and so do the statistics. For the past one decade, there has been 14% increase in air passengers. This substantial growth has been seen every year! This change is not limited to the developed countries, but India is also among those countries that has witnessed growth in aviation sector.

People from different sections of the society are travelling through plane. This increase has not been seen only among International travellers, but also among domestic air travelling industry.

Apart from this, air cargo shipment has also shown a great boom which has resulted in increased number of airports for air cargo shipment internationally. This has increased the number of job opportunities in different air cargo shipment companies. Air cargo sector lets you transport anything quickly and safely that is serving as a backbone of global business. Earlier, only 1% of goods transportation was done through air transportation, but now it has increased to 20%.

India is also not behind in the race. Some factors are:

  • India plans to increase the number of operational airports to 250 by the year 2030.
  • Plan-in-action of 4-5 airports in every state in India
  • 48 airports in India are under construction
  • India is expected to become 3rd largest Aviation Market in the world by 2020
  • Growing Indian middle class who prefers to travel by air
  • Large scale collaborations
  • Increase in both international as well as domestic air travelers.
  • Development in business and tourism industry: Increase in travelling through domestic airlines.

The projects launch like Incredible India! and AthitiDevoBhava by our government has encourages everyone from travellers to airline professionals. In addition to this, 416 airports under construction worldwide and 17000 airports are functioning in USA.

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